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"TANA" Companies Group. Brief History

The history of the "TANA" Companies Group started in 1993 when a group of Russian space technology specialists established an enterprise to apply science-intensive resource-saving technologies to clinical practice in Russia.

Within the ever-broadening scope of enterprise activity two distinct trends eventually emerged: development and production of computer-controlled medical systems and providing telemedicine services. For these purposes two companies were created: "TANA computerized medical systems" and "TANA telemedicine systems".

The "TANA computerized medical systems" and "TANA telemedicine systems" companies are registered in the Russian Federation, Moscow.

The "TANA" Companies Group has a branch established in the USA - the TeleMedicine General Inc. company.

At the end of 2002 the "TANA" Companies Group in association with the Russian Satellite Communication Company and the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Information Science established the "VITANET" public company to provide communication services in such socially significant spheres as medicine, including telemedicine, distance learning and telework.

The "TANA" Companies Group specializes in the development, introduction and maintenance of specialized computer-controlled medical systems, including soft- and hardware complexes, to provide processing, archiving and transmission of medical images and in-line documentation. Medical imaging can be carried out utilizing such diagnostic equipment as X-ray machines, including angiographic, ultrasonic equipment, computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, radioimmunoassay equipment, endoscopes, etc, and equipment used in microscopy and microanalysis laboratories. Since 1994, the company has been working in the sphere of telemedicine and is considered one of the pioneers who started applying this technology in Russia.

The "TANA" Companies Group product line includes the different types of soft- and hardware complexes and systems relating to the following three classes:

  • Computerized workplaces for physicians;
  • Ward local information systems and hospital information systems;
  • Full range of telemedicine equipment for telemedicine systems and telemedicine consulting centers of medical establishments of the various levels.

  • Among them are the following:
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for entering, processing, representation and storing in computer databases series of X-ray images obtained using X-ray machines, during operations in real time inclusive;
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for entering, processing, representation and storing in computer databases computered tomography images;
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for entering, processing, building and storing in computer databases images obtained using film X-ray images and tomograms;
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for entering and processing of ultrasonic images, for building and storing 3D ultrasonic images in computer databases;
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for entering, processing, representation and storing in computer databases mammogram images, including mammograms with detected hardening;
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for entering, processing, representation and storing in computer databases images obtained in microscopy and microanalysis laboratories, including histo- and cytological, chromosomal and etc. analyses.
    • Soft- and hardware complexes for telemedicine consulting centers and stations;
    • Small-dose digital fluorograph (developed and is currently manufactured in cooperation with the "SpectrAP" company);
    • Type design of the telemedicine consulting stations for medical establishments of the different level (from central regional hospitals to rural health clinics).

The end products by the "TANA" Companies Group are recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health for mass production, and are included into the National Register of medical products of the Russian Federation.

The "TANA" Companies Group products and manufacturing processes adhere to the international standards.

Digital telemedicine technologies utilized are in actual fact resource saving and are good choice to considerably save and optimize nationwide expenditure.

The facilities offered by the "TANA" Companies Group provide a film-less technology of obtaining medical images, which is very cost-effective in usage.

Soft- and hardware developed by the "TANA" Companies Group for diagnostic centers allow clinics to make a transition from using equipment locally to networking. Using networks, an attending physician and the hospital administration obtain comprehensive visual information (X-ray images, tomograms, ultrasonic results, laboratory analyses, etc). This information can be supplemented with real data on the spot.

The "TANA" Companies Group has been suggesting and implementing a number of solutions to medical information systems of different classes.

The "TANA" Companies Group soft- and hardware complexes have been installed and successfully operating in dozens of the Russian medical institutions of regional and federal subordination.

The "TANA" Companies Group high caliber professionals not only develop technological solutions tuned to the customer requirements, but also provide a top level maintenance and technical support.

The marketing and technical policy of the "TANA" Companies Group is based on completing scalable, robust, reliable and maintainable soft- and hardware solutions.

The "TANA" Companies Group products, including small-dose computer fluorographers, manufactured in cooperation with the Russian-French "SpectrAP" company, are in regular demand by the Ministry of Health of RF, Ministry of Defense of RF, health authorities of Moscow and regions. The computer fluorographers are purchased through tenders held by the above-mentioned organizations.

The "TANA" Companies Group actively participates in the formation of the Russian telemedicine services market and acts both as a solution and equipment provider, and as a provider of telemedicine consulting (information) services to regions of Russia, CIS, Baltic States, and foreign countries.

The "TANA" Companies Group promotes the Russian telemedicine technologies to the international market participating in large international exhibitions and forums: "Telecom' 97, 99" held in Geneva, "Africa Telecom' 98" held in Johannesburg, "Summit of ACEAN'98" in Kuala-Lumpur, "Eurasia Forum" in Brussels, 2001, "InfoCom-2001" in Moscow, World Telecom Development Conference, Istanbul, 2002, the first International Telemedicine & Telecare Trade Fair, Luxembourg, 2002.

The "TANA" Companies Group has been cooperating with the Russian and international public and intergovernmental organizations, including the Russian Red Cross Society, International Telecommunication Union and the delegation of the UN Development Program in Russia.

According to the agreement concluded with the Russian Red Cross Society, there in Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia) a telemedicine system for the Russian Red Cross Society hospital is being created.

To support the Federal program to fight tuberculosis, the RF Ministry of Health adopted a program, submitted by the "TANA" Companies Group to supply small-dose digital fluorographers to Russian regions at the expense of off-budgetary funds.

The "TANA" Companies Group equipped its own telemedicine-consulting center, providing full range of telemedicine consulting services. The center provides consulting services to Russian regions, foreign and neighboring countries against the contracts concluded by the "TANA" Companies Group with highly skilled professionals of best medical centers of Russia and abroad (USA, Germany, Switzerland and so on).

In 2001 the "TANA" Companies Group began organizing a specialized telemedicine consulting anti-tuberculosis network on the basis of its telemedicine center. The consulting services are provided by the specialists of the "Phthisiopulmonology" Scientific Research Institute of Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov.

According to the agreement concluded between the "Progress Grant" company and the "TANA" Companies Group, the "TANA" CG created and continues developing the first in Russia commercial telemedicine consulting network for oil industry workers of the Western Siberia.

The "TANA" Companies Group has been cooperating with a number of Russian and foreign companies and medical centers of the various levels.

At the request of the RF Ministry of Communication and Information Science, the "TANA" Companies Group prepared a document called "Telemedicine Possibilities. Examples of Practical Application". This document was submitted by Russia at the International Telecommunication Development Conference (Istanbul, 2002) organized by the International Telecom Union (ITU). As the result of the submission General director of "TANA Telemedicine Systems" M.Y. Natenzon was appointed representative of Russia in the standing committee of the ITU Research commission on telemedicine.

The "TANA" Companies Group prepared a number of international telemedicine projects, submitted to the RF government and international organizations. As the result of these submissions, the company representative participated in the bilateral intergovernmental commissions on economical cooperation with Japan (Tokyo, 1999) and Norway (Oslo, 2002).

As a provision of the RF President V.V. Putin initiative at the G-8 summit (Genoa, 2001) on creation of the Global Fund to fight tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria in the Third World countries, the "TANA" Companies Group developed a project to create systems of mobile hospitals. Application of telemedicine technologies will allow specialists to diagnose and treat the consumptives, people living with AIDS and malaria in developing countries. A project of similar nature was worked out for the Russian Red Cross hospital in Addis-Ababa.

The "TANA" Companies Group is a collective member of the International Academy of Sciences (with the headquarters in Munich) founded by the Nobel laureates in the sphere of biology and medicine. The leaders of the company V.I. Tarnopolsky and M.Y. Natenzon were elected members of the International Academy of Sciences. Both of them are national experts of the UN Development Program in Russia in the sphere of telemedicine.

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